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New Zealand's largest independent forestry services provider

Over the last 50 years PF Olsen has become New Zealand's most trusted forestry services provider. Our team has grown to include over 150 of the industry's most talented people from forest and harvesting managers through to planning and environmental consultants.

Our deep understanding of both the NZ and international wood markets mean that PF Olsen are the best people to partner with if you are looking for strong results from your forestry investment.

PF Olsen is a market leader in the forestry sector across both Australia and New Zealand. We plant 40% of all new forestry in NZ, manage over 160,000 ha in NZ as well as over 212,000 ha in Australia. We also manage the largest harvesting portfolio in NZ and Australia at 2.4million tonnes and 2.7 million tonnes respectively per annum.


50 years of leading the industry

Our commitment to enhancing forestry.

PF Olsen was founded by Peter Olsen in 1971. Over the last five decades our business has expanded from a small consulting firm to a team of over 180 talented staff across New Zealand and Australia.

One aspect of our business that we are most proud of is being recognised as an example to follow when it comes to both health and safety and environmental practices. We place huge emphasis on having the best systems in place to protect our staff, contractors, forest owners and environment from potential risk.

As an industry leader we are committed to:

  • Enhancing the skills and knowledge of our team
  • Attracting talented and enthusiastic people to join the forestry industry
  • Continual improvement of health and safety practices within the industry
  • Improving the health and safety track record and reputation of the forestry industry
  • Continued focus on environmental management and conservation practices

The forestry industry is one of the backbones of the New Zealand economy and we want to see more people take advantage of the benefits from investing and working within this space.

50 years at a glance...

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The benefit of choosing an independent forest manager to manage the harvesting and sale of your woodlot.

PF Olsen is a stand-alone forest management provider which means we do not operate our own forestry crews and we sell to multiple independent buyers rather than subsidiaries of our own company. This means we can act as an agent on your behalf to achieve competitive service fees and strong log prices.

PF Olsen is proud to be giving back to our community in a way that makes a difference!

Let's talk about managing your harvest and sales of your woodlot

Supporting PF Olsen and our community

We want our community to grow

PF Olsen has funds to support young people into a career in forestry and/or promote environmental and community initiatives across our New Zealand based business.

We want the funds to grow and welcome direct investment from staff, ex-staff, clients, contractors, shareholders.

(Read more about our funds and how you can help)