Carbon & Consultancy


Our consultants can help you find answers to all your carbon and forestry questions

The PF Olsen Forestry Consulting team have been helping forest owners across New Zealand and Australia for over 50 years. We've built a reputation for being able to access accurate and up-to-date data as well as highly practical knowledge for forest owners who are looking to maximise return on investment.

If you own an existing block or are considering a new investment greater than 20 ha our team can help you with the following:

  • Forestry valuations and due diligence
  • Feasibility analysis (including growth modelling and land use comparisons)
  • Investment and financial planning including advice on access to grants
  • Managing carbon
  • Strategies for offsetting carbon emissions from other business activities
  • Assessing carbon potential and liabilities
  • Environmental management
  • Insurance and risk management strategies.

As the leading forestry services provider in Australasia our consultancy team has access to significant resources and expertise including our in-house GIS mapping, forestry and harvesting operations, health and safety and environmental team. Our team can aid any forest owner in Australasia.

Our consultants provide regular assistance to both our harvesting and forestry managers which means PF Olsen can provide well-supported all-round care for your forestry investment.

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Understanding your rights & responsibilities under the emissions trading scheme

Over the last decade carbon has been a growing focus point for most governments across the globe. In New Zealand this is primarily managed using the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

Our team can help you remain compliant and advise on structuring your forestry operations to maximise the benefits of forest carbon. If you are thinking about planting, we can help you determine land eligibility and potential carbon value.

If you have questions about how the ETS works, then our consultants are the best people to talk to. We can also help you offset emissions from other business activities using carbon generated from your forestry investment.

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