Forest Management

11. Forest Management

We help you get every part of the puzzle right for your forest

Great forest management starts right at the beginning of the establishment process. Our team can help you optimise the inputs - finding the right land, selecting the best species, managing genetics, stocking, and planting quality.

Once your forest has been established, we ensure the right treatments at the optimal times to ensure your forest matures into a high-quality investment. We can oversee pruning, thinning, spraying, pest control, security, and any other management aspect throughout the life of the rotation. We offer forest owners peace of mind that a professional service provider is caring for their asset.

Our services go beyond organising contractors. Under a Forest Management Agreement or an Operations Contract, we partner with the forest owners to prepare a work plan and budget, and to undertake specific forest operations. All our services are provided with the objective of meeting the forest owners' desired outcomes.

If you have land to establish, are thinking about investing in forestry or have an existing forest that needs management, contact us for a no obligation, free onsite inspection, and consultation.

Let's talk about Forest Management

New forest establishment

  • Seed and tree stock supply. The PF Olsen nursery team can help you gain access to a wide variety of species and genetics to help you maximise the value of your forestry investment. Since manufacturers require different wood property characteristics depending on the end use of their product, the ability to differentiate between tree varieties is crucial. We also expect substantial price differentials based on internal wood characteristics in the future.
  • Planting and forestry establishment services. Your PF Olsen Forest Manager can organise the entire forest establishment process for you from undertaking feasibility studies through to developing budgets, sourcing tree stocks, and implementing planting programmes. As one of New Zealand's largest service providers we have access to a skilled workforce of well-trained contractors to ensure your project gets the best start possible.


Management of existing forests

We manage your forests so that you reap the rewards at harvest or sale time!

As your forest grows, it is important to take all the necessary steps to ensure you maximise its value at harvest or sale time. When you appoint PF Olsen as your Forest Managers, we make sure that your forest receives the right treatment and care at the right time. Our experienced Forest Managers will ensure that your forest is thinned, pruned, sprayed, and maintained at the optimal times and that you remain compliant with environmental requirements throughout the forest lifecycle.

We can also help you with:

  • Annual forest inspections and reporting
  • Wind-throw prevention and management
  • Security and access control
  • Pest control
  • Accurate mapping
  • Insurance
  • Harvest planning
  • FSC® Certification.

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