Investing in Forestry

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PF Olsen can help you maximise returns from your forestry investment

Whether you are a first-time investor looking to establish a forest on your land or a major investment fund looking to expand your holdings in the New Zealand forestry sector, PF Olsen can help you identify, establish, and manage your forestry investments.

We have local teams across New Zealand that source investment opportunities that best fit with your requirements. These teams are backed by New Zealand's leading forest consulting team including ETS specialists.

PF Olsen has successfully established over 20,000 ha of forestry investments in the past three years for a wide range of forest investors, and many of our investors are repeat clients.

Our forestry team can help you get more from your forestry investment by:

  • Scouting for appropriate investment opportunities that align with your objectives
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Providing tree stocks
  • Establishing forests
  • Providing ongoing forest care and management
  • Conducting carbon consulting and ETS management
  • Providing accounting services.

Let's talk about Forestry Investing

Calling on NZ Farmers: Could some parts of your land be earning better returns from forestry?

  • There's a rumour out there that the forestry industry is trying to take over productive farmland throughout New Zealand. That is simply untrue.
  • When you stop and analyse land use there are always going to be some areas of land that are less productive under a farming business model than they could be.
  • We believe that farming is crucial to the New Zealand economy, and we want to help farmers generate better returns from their land by enhancing the land-use through a mix of pasture and forestry.
  • We can help you take those pockets of land that aren't as productive on the farm and establish forests for better returns.


You have several ways that you could go about it:

  1. Establish the new forest via your own financial means.
  2. Establish a forest under joint venture with an investor.

This can take a few different forms:

  • They (the investor) pay the establishment and cover management costs. In return they keep the carbon, and you keep the forest to harvest when it suits you.
  • They establish the forest and cover management costs; you receive an annual rental for the land and in return they keep the carbon and any proceeds from the harvest.
  • They pay a lower annual land rental, and you take a portion of the carbon and/or harvest revenue in the future.

It is important to point out that in all these scenarios there is no carbon liability remaining with the trees after harvest as long as trees are replanted on the site.

International investors

We can help you remain compliant with New Zealand regulations. From carbon credits to annual accounting, our team have you covered. Managing forestry investments across the globe can be a difficult task. Each country has a different approach to carbon policies, health and safety regulations, environmental controls, and accounting.

Our team of forestry specialists can help you manage your forestry operations in New Zealand.

We work alongside many major investment funds and private investors to ensure that your investment is structured and managed in the smartest way possible.

If you would like to talk about how our team can help you maximise the value of your New Zealand Forestry investments, contact us today.