Health & Safety

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By their nature, our working environments potentially expose our workforce to risks. Therefore, our objective is to identify those risks and implement controls and initiatives to prevent or mitigate the potential impacts. During 2022 we will:

  • 'Increase Audit Completion Rates' - Monitoring and System Audits to 100%
  • 'Be that One' - Reward and recognise examples of safety leadership
  • 'Boots and All' - Move our QHS team closer to the action, helping operational staff upskill and increase confidence around operational safety management
  • 'Client Top 3' - Engage with our clients to understand and promote their concerns.
  • 'Driver Behaviour' - Reduce risk points (Argus Tracking) and high-speed events to 50% of the National Average
  • 'Simplify Systems' - target process simplification and ease of delivery
  • 'Investigation Training' - Run 5 Why training alongside familiarisation with the Human Contribution Framework
  • 'Industry Support' - Demonstrate our Safety Leadership through Industry Support and conformance with Industry Best practices.

Let's talk about Health & Safety

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"Focusing on worker safety can transform an entire organization and dramatically improve culture, quality, productivity, communication, and ultimately profits." - Paul O'Neill, CEO Alcoa (1987).

At PF Olsen, it's about our results and how we keep our operations as safe as we can make them.

More than ever, we believe we are the right company to help lead the forest industry to a better future with our clear and consistent understanding of risk, purpose, and the needs of our workforce.

To achieve these aspirational objectives, we will always put safety and health first, seek solutions from across our business and make inclusive decisions. We will think and act in safe ways and not be silent when we need to speak up.