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Scion - Log Price Outlook

Log price outlooks carried out over the past year show a consistent optimism in pruned log price expectations, but none of those expectations have been met.


Safe Start-Up Breakfasts

Safe Start-Up breakfasts are a great way for PF Olsen staff to get together with contractors and their employees to help reinforce safety at the outset of the New Year. They also afford an opportunity to look back at the previous year, celebrate the positives, and reinforce the Company’s positive goals for the year ahead.


Clarky's Comment - December

As we leave 2016 and look forward to 2017 I cannot help but feel positive about the NZ forestry sector and the role it can play in a prosperous NZ economy and society in the years ahead.


Log Market - December

Both domestic and export log prices drifted in December with minor changes in some regions and to some customers, but overall little change. Both markets continue with strong positive sentiment. The domestic continues to be buoyed by a strong New Zealand property market and construction activity; the export market again is a strong-demand-from-China story.


Forestry and the Emissions Trading Scheme

Traders have been playing up the potential impact of Key’s resignation on carbon pricing, theorising that Labour has now got a better chance of winning the next election, and therefore the possibility of agriculture entering the ETS has increased.


The importance of water

In November, the second round of environmental training kicked off at Te Kura Whare in Taneatua, with the focus on the importance of water.


Old Dogs – New Tricks!

44 is not only a great calibre of pig hunting rifle – it is also the number of years that Gary Inman, the winner of the PF Olsen Staff 2016 Health and Safety Management Award, has spent working in the Forest Industry.


Log Market - November

It would probably be remiss not to mention the ascendency of Donald Trump to the coveted position of president-elect of the USA, but since every journalist, news anchor, talk show host, blogger and panelist is covering this ad nauseam, Wood Matters will spare readers more coverage. An immediate outcome (apart from mild nausea that such a thing could come about in the 21st century) is rallying USA and Asian share markets and a weaker NZ$. Both, on face value, are supportive of the log market.


PF Olsen Payment Protection

Getting paid for the forest produce you sell is obviously a critically important component of a successful forest harvesting and marketing project.


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