Wood Matters

Recognition of Environmental Performance

As environmental standards and expectations increase there has been a strong focus on identifying and remedying operational practices that were unsatisfactory or posed a business and environmental risk.


Log Market - December 2012

The world holds its breath as the Eurozone attempts to restore confidence by addressing its debt crisis, and then contemplates just how bad the economic situation could get if it fails.


Steep Slope Harvesting Research

The Future Forest Research (FFR) Steep Slope Harvesting program, supported by government's Primary Growth Partnership fund, is progressing well and achieved all of its objectives in the first year. The program aims to improve worker safety and reduce the costs of harvesting on steep slopes.


Log Market - November 2011

October was a month of two (very different) halves; at the beginning of the month there was mixed sentiment (but some optimism) in the export market, a wide spread of prices and full order books from many buyers. In contrast, the end of the month saw cancelled orders, massive price drops and widespread negative sentiment.


National Environmental and National FSC Standard

The Ministry for the Environment's initial cost/benefit analysis (CBA) was not favourable to implementation of a National Environmental Standard (NES). This has strengthened the forestry sector's resolve to ensure resolution of some outstanding issues that are diluting the potential benefits to the forest industry.


Log Market - October 2011

October is characterised by a faltering nascent recovery in the export log market and continued difficult trading conditions for domestic log purchasers.


Clarky's Comment - September 2011

This month marks the 40th anniversary of the commencement of the PF Olsen business. See PF Olsen Celebrates 40 years of Business. I'm reflecting on significant changes in the structure of the forest industry in New Zealand and some future opportunities if we choose to work together to make them happen.


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