Wood Matters

Log Market - December 2012

At-wharf-gate NZ prices lifted $2-$5/JAS m³ across most export grades on the back of a slight easing in ocean freight rates, neutral NZ$/US$ cross-rate and an increase in CFR pricing (price at destination port in US$).


ANZ Sums up Impending "Wall of Wood"

The term "wall of wood" conjures up graphic images of a "tsunami-like" wave of wood rolling inevitably and menacingly into our lives and economy. Between 1992 and 1997 a massive 432,000 hectares of mainly Radiata pine was planted across New Zealand, mostly by investment syndicates.


PF Olsen graduates

As business has grown, so too has the number staff at PF Olsen. Over the last few years, a number of University of Canterbury graduates have been employed by PF Olsen to fill new roles in a range of fields.


Forest Growing Master Classes at FFR

To date Future Forests Research (FFR) has relied upon its 6 monthly Member meetings and posting technical reports on its website to update industry members on useful outcomes from research programmes. Feedback from industry end users is that this has not resulted in effective and widespread uptake of key results.


Harvesting Commences at Te Ahimanawa Forest

PF Olsen has been working with Te Manawa O Tuhoe Trust and their predecessors in progressing the harvesting and marketing of Te Ahimanawa Forest in the upper Ruatoki Valley in the Bay of Plenty since early 2010.


Log Market - November 2012

The characteristic of the log market this year has been relative stability. Last year the at-wharf-gate price of export A-grade logs fluctuated from a high of $138/JAS m³ (April) to a low of $75/JAS m³ (November).


New Tools Help Manage Rivers in Forests

Staying connected with science developments often provides opportunities to innovate in ways not first envisaged by those who initiated the science. In one recent example, work undertaken by NIWA to develop a Rivers Environments Classification (REC) has been applied by PF Olsen to help manage rivers and streams in the forests it manages.


Patricia Towersey

Pat started working for PF Olsen in May 1976 and after 36 years of truly dedicated service was forced to retire due to illness at the beginning of May this year. Pat's retirement unfortunately was all too brief and she passed away at the beginning of September.


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