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Driver training proving effective

A cyclist walked into the office at Eastland Port in Gisborne, and asked to speak to the logging truck manager. He had just cycled the 100km from Te Puia to Gisborne, a winding and often narrow road frequented by logging trucks. Not an easy road, and it was a busy day because there was a ship in loading export logs.


Clarky's Comment - November, What Happens in China Matters

This month’s comment follows a recent trip to China by 4 senior PF Olsen staff, including Clarky. Recent log market developments are of immediate interest to NZ and Australian pine forest owners and are dealt with elsewhere in this edition. My comment is about trends in China that could impact on NZ and Australian forest owner fortunes and behaviour well beyond the current or next year.


Log Market - November

The export log market rebounded much more strongly than expected in November on the back of rapidly reducing log inventory in China and concerns about log shortages. Export log prices rose $8-$18/ JAS m3 depending on grade and port. Our recent trip to China uncovered innovative ways this market is making use of our Radiata pine, diversifying demand away from the past high reliance on the apartment construction market.


Log Price Outlook - November

Log price outlooks issued in August predicted low prices for unpruned logs until November. Although prices are still low, the outlook was conservative and prices are currently trading above most people’s expectations.


Forestry and the Emissions Trading Scheme - November

In October, New Zealand’s first state of the environment report in eight years was released by the Ministry for the Environment. 'Environment Aotearoa 2015' provides an overall picture of the New Zealand environment across the air, atmosphere and climate, fresh water, land, and marine environments.


Kaharoa Kokako Trust

The last time the Kaharoa Kokako Trust organised an adult bird survey across the whole Kaharoa Management area was back in 2006. At that stage there were 121 territorial adult birds.


New Staff - November

Welcome Christine who is covering for Kelly while she is on maternity leave and Jessamy who will be working in our newly-created role of In-House Legal Advisor.


Clarky's Comment - October, Shop Floor Walkabouts

As CEO of a forestry management firm I am acutely aware of the impact I can personally have on the safety culture of both staff and contractors. But just how does one influence those making the day to day decisions that lead to getting home safely each day, or not? Setting policies, running committees and imposing rules can only go so far.


Log Market - October

As tentatively anticipated last month, September was a price trough and log prices rose in October. Export prices surprised on the upside, increasing by up to $15 for K grade at some ports. All export grades rose to a lesser extent and domestic pruned increased in some regions up to $5. Other domestic log prices were up marginally or flat.


Forestry and the Emissions Trading Scheme - October

As reported in recent issues of Wood Matters, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) international climate conference (COP21) will be held in Paris this year, commencing on the 30 November. Over 150 countries covering around 90% of global emissions have now submitted their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC).


Wildlife shot at Ligar Bay

Main Image

In August's Wood Matters, we featured harvesting at Ligar Bay, Tasman District, and the rescue of an injured kea. Since then Irene Buchan, Branch Secretary PF Olsen Nelson, has been out on location and shot some beautiful photographs of more native birds. I don't think the crew found the kea's antics on the wiring particularly helpful.


New case study - Hawkes Bay

The only thing better than being able to help the Burns establish and harvest a forest, was when the Burns then said that they couldn't recommend PF Olsen [and Bob] highly enough for professionalism and integrity.


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