Wood Matters

Clarkys Comment - September

Forestry can contribute so much more. Most readers will be aware that the NZ forest industry has for some years been feeling that it has been disadvantaged relative to pastoral farming in respect of the ETS and land use policies and its treatment under the RMA.


Log Market - September

Unpruned export log prices were flat August to September and pruned export logs fell on average $2/JAS m3. It looks as though pruned export logs have now stabilised after falling more than $50/JAS m3 in the past three months.


Forestry and the Emissions Trading Scheme

USA and China have ratified the Paris Agreement, together making up around 39% of global emissions. Many other countries were likely awaiting the commitment of the world’s largest emitters before ratifying the Paris Agreement themselves. Further ratifications are expected as the year progresses, including from New Zealand.


PF Olsen and McKay & Olsen take out Erosion and Sediment Control Award

PF Olsen and logging contractor, McKay & Olsen Ltd, Taupo have recently been awarded “joint winners” of the 2016 Erosion and Sediment Control Award for Forestry from Waikato Regional Council (WRC). The award recognised the effort made to work with Waikato Regional Council during harvesting to avoid accelerated erosion.


Protecting Access to International Markets

The results of a four year research programme designed to protect and future-proof the forest industry’s access to international log and sawn timber markets were recently presented to industry and government stakeholders.


Safety Champions – Johnny Albert

A safety induction is an important first-step before visitors come onto any worksite, and it ensures a safe visit. It also tends to be a good gauge of general safety performance at that site.


Clarkys Comment - August

New Zealand’s economic and environmental performance are “joined at the hip”. We need a pure/green New Zealand image to underpin both our safe food exports and our tourism that together make up the bulk of our export earnings. However, the pure/green brand that many exporters rely upon is under threat.


Log Market - August

Unpruned export log prices stabilised in August after their big $8-$15/JAS m3 fall in July. Pruned export logs fell a further $5-10/JAS m3 on the back of weak demand and high stocks in China.


New staff

We have had an influx of new staff over the last month, with Ben, Shaun and Simon all commencing work in the Gisborne region and Sam returning to Rotorua after previously spending some time here during the university holidays.


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