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Clarky's Comment - Our NZ Inc. Strategic Advantage

For the NZ environment to support a significant move from commodity to high-end, high-price niche branding and marketing we really do need to get serious about expansion of tourism support infrastructure, funding of the predator-free initiative, and cleaning up our rivers and lakes.


Log Market - July

Export prices for logs delivered to NZ ports in July dropped an average of $2/m³ from June prices for unpruned logs and $5 for pruned logs. This drop has been driven by the strengthening of the NZ$ against the US$. Over the last two months the NZ$ has appreciated 7% against the US$. A slight reduction in ocean freight rates, some modest gains in market prices, and competitive tension within the export supply chain has buffered any downward movement in prices that forest owners receive for logs at NZ ports. Some exporters are obviously passing-on currency they have hedged, while others are grinning and bearing the current financial pain. Demand is down in the Indian log market as log buyers deal with the new GST regime. This is not concerning exporters as log stocks in India are currently relatively low.


There is no such thing as too much training

It’s no secret that training is the most important element in a work system! Without training a workforce will find it difficult to reach its productive potential, and be more susceptible to accidents that could be limiting in more ways than one.


PF Olsen – the journey from Goodwin Ave……

Tuesday 4 July dawned crisp and clear. The sprinkling of ice on the grass and workers all bundled up in multiple layers was a sign that winter was definitely upon us. Although there was a winter nip in the air there was the promise of a clear sunny day ahead and a reminder of how lucky we are to have our head office located in such a picturesque surrounding. But we haven’t always been here, so where did it all start?


Safeguard Winner 2017

PF Olsen won the award in the Best Collaboration Between PCBU’s category, for “initiating a project involving multiple PCBU’s to clarify and improve the expectations on forest service providers when they come onto a working forestry site.“


Log Market - June

Export prices for logs delivered to NZ ports in June remained mostly unchanged from May prices with a minor drop of 1$/m3 for some grades. Prices in the Indian log market have now gained parity with the China log market. The NZ$ has strengthened against the US$ meaning log sales in US$ are now worth less in NZ$. However, this reduction has been adsorbed by exporters competing for their place in the supply chain. The strengthening NZ$ may soften At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for NZ logs over the next couple of months.


Record high trade led by dairy and forestry

NZ terms of trade rises to 44-year high as dairy, forestry drive up export prices - New Zealand's terms of trade rose to the highest level in about 44 years in the first quarter as export prices rose more than three times faster than imports, led by dairy and forest products.


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