Wood Matters

Te Poroa Heurea - 2016 Safety Champion recipient

In most cases, forests are simply trees on hills until planning and road construction commences to enable the trees to be harvested. This preliminary activity that we call getting a forest ‘harvest ready’ requires a range of skills from engineering and earthworks contractors to ensure a productive and safe operation.


Clarky's Comment - Election 2017 Edition

New Zealand votes for its political leadership under its MMP system on 23rd September. Statements made by contenders for the Treasury benches have put forestry onto the agenda in a way that I’ve not witnessed in the past 10 elections. Why?


Log Market - September

Prices for export logs delivered to NZ ports in September did the exact opposite from the previous month and increased an average of $4/m3 from August prices. This increase was due to the weakening of the NZD against the USD. There were slight increases in the CFR sale prices but these were off-set by slight increases in shipping freight costs. Local demand for lumber continues to drop significantly in Christchurch but increase in the Otago Lakes area. Demand for lumber in Auckland is still strong, but mill staff report demand growth from the likes of Hamilton and Tauranga is down on last year. Due to the increase in export prices the PF Olsen Log Price Index for September has increased two dollars and is now at $125. (See PF Olsen Log Price Index below). The average sale price is $16 per tonne above the three-year average.


Scion - Log Price Outlook

A collective view from over sixty participants within New Zealand’s supply chain predicts increased log prices over the next 12 months.


Taking on Wilding Pines

The spread of wilding pines from farm shelter belts and forestry plantings into tussock and less intensively grazed introduced grasses and native scrub vegetation has become a major issue throughout parts of the central North Island and across the South Island.


Log Market - August

Prices for export logs delivered to NZ ports in August dropped an average of $4/m3 from July prices. As per the last couple of months this drop has been driven by the strengthening of the NZD against the USD. Exporters competing for supply at some ports and a slight increase in sale prices in China has buffered the downward movement in prices.


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