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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Every year, PF Olsen undertakes a satisfaction survey of its harvesting and forestry management customers to understand what is important to them and measure our performance at meeting these needs.


Clarky's Comment - A billion trees – The plan?

The plantation forest sector already plants about 50 million trees a year, mostly in restocking following harvest. If we count these towards the 100 million trees a year the new ambition is for an additional 50 million a year as new planting. That is entirely achievable.


Log Market - November

There is no change in the domestic log market with log prices locked in for the fourth quarter and year-end rapidly approaching. There is little change in their export markets with continuing high demand from Australia and Asia for non-clearwood lumber. One mill manager referred to the markets as “same-same”. The weakening NZD has also improved current cashflows.


Levy funded research achievements recognised

Achievements from research funded by the Forest Growers Levy have been recognised on several fronts over the last month. Approximately 60% of the forest grower’s levy is invested in research and along with other funding including government, supports an overall annual programme of around $17-18million.


Log Market - October

The domestic log market in Quarter Four of 2017 is virtually unchanged from Quarter Three. Most mill owners reported business as usual with the usual small fluctuations in local demand due to variations in the weather.


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