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Working On It - Not - Working In It!

“The fact is, the only day an employee can get injured is today. You can’t get injured tomorrow until it gets here, and you can’t get injured yesterday because it is gone. So, we have to be very, very focused on what is happening today and that becomes part of our makeup, that becomes part of our nature, and that becomes part of our culture.â€

                                      Francis Petro, President and CEO of Hayes International Inc.   

What ‘Positives’ Do You Want to Reinforce?

Like reinforcing steel in a building project, managers and supervisors can strengthen their operations and make them resistant to shocks.

Behavioural science tells us that a ‘reinforcer’ is anything that increases a behaviour’s occurrence or quality. As a leader, consider yourself a ‘builder’ whose job it is to SHAPE, CONNECT and INSTALL the reinforcing steel. Practically, how can you do this?

  • Identify the positive behaviours and practices you need to build up.

  • Write them down using ‘action words’.

  • Ensure people know about ‘the building project’ – the behaviours and practices you will be checking for. Explain how these standards are non-negotiable!

  • Follow up to see that you get the standards the business wants!

  • Commend when a job is done properly and well.

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