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Work around Live Power Lines

Electricity Hazards - Are we taking them seriously? Work around live power lines is nothing new; indeed some contractors have developed great expertise in this field.

These contractors will tell you that successful work around live power lines starts with meticulous hazard identification and planning; it involves early and regular communication with all stakeholders and careful observance of the rules, including those found in the Safe Op - Working Near Live Power Lines.

Notwithstanding, a good number of contractors have had instances of contact with live power lines a real cause for concern! Fortunately, these events have not resulted in harm or injury likely a matter of good luck!

Recently, however, we have had two cases of excavators walking under and taking down live lines; another case where a worker touched a downed power pole, then drove under the suspended line and a thinning worker was electrocuted.

Investigations and Learning!

  • Complete a thorough reconnaissance of the work area - identify all the hazards and risks.
  • Plan thoroughly, supervise diligently - do not leave anything to chance!
  • Know the rules for work around live power lines - do not think that you know better!

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