Safety Bulletins

Watch Your Speed. Dial it Back!

In-forest driving behaviours have greatly improved! We are very appreciative of the efforts made by drivers to adjust driving behaviours, especially with speeding. The purpose of this section is not to detract from that effort, rather to encourage a small improvement, particularly in our thinking and approach to speed! Many will be aware that PF Olsen has fitted its vehicles with GPS and monitors over-speed events. Many staff have found it beneficial to think about setting cruise control a few points under the limit rather than where things had been i.e. a few points over.

Time to Recalibrate?

The graph to the side shows a small snapshot of forest driving speeds, recently measured by an independent contractor.

The picture is slightly different from the previous snapshot when most of the dots were located inside the 50kph sign indicating that driving speeds were mostly clocked at less that 50kph (in a range between 45 - 48kph). This graph shows a slightly different picture with most of the speed points either on 50 or slightly over, and some definite over-speeds!

This graph shows a small adjustment may be required!

Try recalibrating driving a few points under the limit.

PF Olsen Safe Ops - what's our position!

From our Safety Management System p. 45: It is the Company policy to have full compliance with the Regulations and Approved Codes of Practice (ACoP). These are our primary sources of safety rules. Best Practice Guidelines (BPG ) contain proven method statements, training techniques and hazard controls that shall be followed unless suitable alternatives (offering the same or better outcomes) are in place. Rules in the Regulations, ACOP and BPGs are not repeated in this document. Where these lack coverage, the Company's general safety rules and Safe OP shall be followed.

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