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Upset Conditions! Stop Work. Use RADAR!

The ACoP Safety and Health in Forest Operations (amendment s.18, pages 12-13) states that the employers documenting health and safety system should include stop-work processes for upset conditions!

A useful process in this respect published by the British Columbia Forest Safety Council and known as RADAR includes separate Power Point presentations covering silviculture, harvesting and trucking operations. It is certainly worth a look!

The British Columbia Forest Safety Council website notes: "Here you will find resources and information to help improve your worker's skills in identifying and controlling the hazards they face on the worksite. You may want to use the resources on this page as a check of your own current system, or just to increase your hazard awareness by looking at things a bit differently. Whether you are a contractor, manager or supervisor, using the RADAR tools can certainly help reduce the risk of injury or illness in your operation.

The RADAR approach can be found here:

RADAR on change the key to success!

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