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Trees & Wind Events. Is Your Immediate Work Area S

The Approved Code of Practice at clause 13.1.2 states "All hazardous trees within reach of the landing shall be removed before operations begin.

Particular attention shall be given to trees that are: 

Leaning towards the landing

On the prevailing wind side

Disturbed during landing construction."

NOGGIN INC1213 21/07/2018 - Property Damage (Hazard Report)

Description - Bad weather caused trees to blow over at the back of the skid and one landed on the shovel machine crushing it.

NOGGIN INC970 10/04/2018 - Near Hit (Hazard Report)

DescriptionA sudden isolated wind gust uprooted a tree along the boundary of the standing neighbouring block narrowly missing the head breaker-out when it fell.

As these reports indicate, tree-fall incidents are increasing and coinciding with periods of wet weather and storm events.

Identify and remove at-risk trees!

We expect storm events will increase both in intensity and frequency and therefore we must remain vigilant to spot and then remove at-risk trees. The main areas of concern are large dead branches in the tree, heavily leaning trees, trees above batters (where roots may have been disturbed), around newly opened felling faces, and/or skids and landings.

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