Safety Bulletins

Spring Sap Run = Slippery Logs!

With the onset of spring, there is an increased sap-flow in trees and logs are more slippery especially with the bark removed during mechanised operations. It's no surprise then that Incidents have already started to appear! This is a friendly reminder to review our Management Controls:

  1. Carry less logs in the grapple or loader beak.

  2. Pay careful attention to log taper, setting a level and even bed for each packet.

  3. Ensure an even crown and good contact between all top-logs and the securing chain and/or belly strop; where the latter is a requirement.

  4. Load out the oldest logs first.

  5. Double check load security.

  6. Drive slowly and evenly on difficult road sections - avoid heavy braking.

  7. On the ground, avoid walking on logs even when wearing spiked-boots.

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