Safety Bulletins

Spring Sap Run = Slippery Log Season!

With the onset of spring, there is an increased sap-flow in trees and logs are more slippery especially with the bark removed during mechanised operations. It's no surprise then that slipping incidents have already started to appear! This is a friendly reminder to review our management controls for dealing with the spring sap run. See examples:

  1. Carry less logs in the grapple or loader beak.
  2. Pay careful attention to log taper, setting a level and even bed for each truck packet.
  3. Ensure an even crown and good contact between all top-logs and the securing chain and/or belly strop; where the latter is a requirement.
  4. Load out the oldest logs first and double-check load security.
  5. Drive slowly and evenly on difficult road sections - avoid heavy braking.
  6. Groundworkers - avoid walking on logs even when wearing spiked-boots and stay well clear of loading and fleeting machinery.

Choose Wisely

With daylight saving here, warmer weather expected and busier lives than ever it is also time to focus on what's important and to give ourselves the best possible shot at work and family life! 

Here are 5 things guaranteed to help us out - get 7 hours sleep (min.), exercise (10,000 steps), eat 5 a day (fruit & veg.), make time for family, and laugh with your mates.

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