Safety Bulletins

Slips, Trips and Falls (STF) Injuries!

During 2017, we sustained thirty-six serious injuries (measured in LTI and MTIs) a very BIG year and the highest injury toll since 2004!

14 of 36 of the injuries (39%) related to slips, trips and falls; resulting in sprains, cuts or both. Some were not notified early enough to apply our management processes and they moved to lost time injuries unnecessarily! While most of the injuries were minor, they all continue to paint a picture of an industry out of control, so please take note!

Wet Weather!

Many forest owners reported a similar story. They attribute the increase in STF injuries to the persistent wet weather that started in the early winter and continued into the late spring.

Notwithstanding, there are things that we can do to lessen the risk of falling victim!

  • Wherever possible walk alongside objects rather than on top of them.
  • Move slowly and deliberately. Remove slash and other obstructions whenever possible.
  • Avoid water sodden ground and don't walk across furrows and greasy surfaces.

 INC_643 1/12/17 - LTI

After completing re-fuelling, an operator walked around the machine. His right foot got caught under a small tree limb protruding from the road and he fell forward to the ground. 

When he returned to his accommodation the swelling and pain indicated it needed medical attention.  An x-ray revealed a broken bone in his foot which required a cast and time of work.

Please watch out for slip and trip hazards!

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