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Slips, trips and falls. Ouch!

FIPS 6758 23/01/2015 LTI
A skidworker had just cut off the last sloven on a deck of logs. He went to step, but fell forwards chest first. At the same time, the throttle revved and with his hand outstretched he tried to brace himself in the fall. In the process, his hand made contact with the moving chain resulting in a laceration across his palm.

FIPS 6715 15/01/2015 MTI
While re-working a thinning block and crossing felled trees, a thinner was holding his saw in both hands with the chainbrake engaged. When his left foot slipped, he fell to the ground. Dropping the saw, it spun around so that the bucking spike punctured his thigh behind his chaps.

Slips, trips and falls

The BPG (for Manual Processing and Logmaking) p. 29 suggests that we keep the ground clear of obstructions such as sloven or slash and to remove small offcuts and branches manually. Additionally, that the logmaker can arrange for the processing area to be bladed clear and/or for a grapple-equipped machine to move larger pieces. 

Similarly, The BPG (for Chainsaws) p. 10 advises us to turn the saw off and activate the chain brake when walking any distance or over obstacles. Carrying the saw with both hands will enable operators to throw the chainsaw clear if they happen to slip.

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