Safety Bulletins

Slips, Trips, and Falls = Lost Time!

With wet, frosty, slippery conditions just around the corner

We all need to be taking far greater care, especially where we are placing our feet!

There have been numerous incidents like the ones depicted in the illustrations below, many involving younger workers, and several ending up as lost time incidents. In common, the incidents show poor foot placement as a contributing factor, and in some cases, walking in a place or standing on an object e.g. a slippery stem not in keeping with good practice. Furthermore, tardy or ineffective injury management has meant that the injured person has worsened the injury leading to time off work.

Good Practice to Avoid Sprains and Strains!

No matter what age you are or how much you know about walking around at a forestry worksite, there are some things you should always keep top of mind.

  • Start each day with a 10-15 minute warm-up period, taking things easy, adding in a few stretches/extensions particularly of calf, shoulder, and lower back muscles.

  • Ask for assistance to cut a chainsaw free or for a machine to take the tension off.

  • Remove slash and waste wood whenever possible and watch out for vines.

  • Walk alongside a stem or a log rather than on top - wear spiked boots.

  • Avoid jumping off things and into the unknown.

  • Maintain a relaxed stance with both feet on the ground.

  • Avoid carrying too much.

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