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Serious burn incident

What happened? A skidworker was seriously burnt when his cigarette (or perhaps lighter) ignited fuel that had spilt from the chainsaw onto his clothing and body.

Caution: Smokers may think this will never happen to me! However, this type of incident is common enough to warrant that we all give this subject serious thought!

Background Information: After refuelling, the skidworker waited in the safe zone while the loader completed various sorting tasks including laying out a new deck of stems.

Receiving the all-clear, the skidworker walked back onto the skid. It was then that he noticed that fuel had spilt from the loose fuel cap. A few moments later, he was on fire!

The Root Cause here is smoking while using petrol (or a petrol powered device). Thinking that the risk of a fire is low, some workers may be lulled into a false sense of security. The facts are fuel-spills are common and fires have occurred on several occasions. Clearly, the risk of harm is present when workers smoke around fuels!

Fuel and Smoking Reminders: Both the Approved Code of Practice at 4.1.6 and our contracts have basic rules that cover refuelling and smoking - please follow these!

Employers together with employees would be wise to consider (perhaps at the next safety meeting) what additional steps to implement, to ensure everyone stays safe.

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