Safety Bulletins

Seasonal Changes Pose Risks!

Keep an eye on the forecast!

Although forecasts are for a warmer winter this year, we must still direct our attention to the subject of winter safety!

Indeed, the generally warmer conditions may mean that our guard is down for any rapidly deteriorating conditions and cold snaps that may arrive!

Seasonal and winter reminders: Roads are slippery; landings are muddy, the hills are wet and cold, the mornings are foggy and dark; and the wind is usually stronger!

Please be aware of the associated hazards: Our reporting shows that sprains, strains, slips, falls, black ice, reduced alertness, cold injuries, icy roads, wind chill, colds, flu and other winter illnesses are all factors that merit our consideration.

Seasonal and winter hazards will all be out there waiting to take advantage of anyone who drops their guard. Make sure it is not you!

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