Safety Bulletins

Safe Start Up. Take care out there!

Coming back to work at the hottest time of the year is a challenge for every single forestry worker! This is a friendly reminder to review our management controls for dealing with the effects of the summer weather especially after a few weeks holiday.

  1. Avoid sun exposure - erect a temporary shelter, use sun block and were practical cover up as much as possible with loose-fitting clothes made of light breathable fabrics.

  2. Become acclimatised - ease your way back into work by taking more frequent breaks and finishing a little earlier than normal (acclimatisation can take 7 to 14 days).

  3. Stay hydrated - drink plenty of cool water (one litre every hour) in hot weather conditions. Drink every 15 to 20 minutes whether you feel thirsty or not to replace the fluid loss. Avoid consuming caffeine-based drinks, which can dehydrate you.

  4. Know the symptoms of heat stress and fatigue - both affect the ability to make decisions; to plan; to communicate; to recall instructions and respond to changes in our surroundings.

Frustration and Stress

Many of us will be restarting work while others are taking their summer holidays. While some find that discouraging it can also bring along frustration and stress!

Here are few tips that may just help us out  (1) plan to take a little longer e.g. in traffic, (2) identify the source of frustration and accept it, if out of your control. (3) share your winning (stress beating) ideas.

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