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Road Travel. How is it Going?

Keep the Focus Up - Cement the Improvements

The two graphs below, which relate to work completed in the Central North Island (CNI) shows speed points overlayed onto 50kph signs (where 50kph is the forest speed limit). The Q2, 2018 graph shows the first ever totally clear month i.e. all speed capture points are below the threshold plus tolerance (55kph).

This is great work everyone because, as we all know, road travel is our greatest risk!

In the year to the 30th of June, PF Olsen received 192 travelling vehicle incident reports (including log cartage) and three involved serious injuries. While we are not trying to reduce reporting (as such), we are keen to apply ourselves to new strategies and initiatives to make our roads and driving on them much safer with specific training for our drivers.

Driver Training - Q3

We are currently in discussions with Forest - Training New Zealand (FTNZ) to provide and run an in-forest training program for appointed drivers in Contractor crews. This training would be centred on forest roads, using a mix of one-on-one and group training. The training content will include:

  • An in-cab driving appraisal e.g. a review of driving along the forest roads,
  • A group classroom session based on practical risk assessment and road hazard ID, and
  • Providing practical feedback including driving tips e.g. on where the individual driver could improve; on the technical and safety features of the vehicle being driven, and (where appropriate) demonstrating safety techniques.

NOTE: We plan to commence training in September for approximately 144 CNI based drivers before extending the programme out to the regions.

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