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Reasonable Cause Testing

Methamphetamine before and after shots. We have all seen them and sometimes we have also seen the real-life effects of drug abuse in old classmates, co-workers or in people more closely related to us and of course the despair this brings.

Wonderful Hindsight!

During 2015, PF Olsen provided training for reasonable cause testing (RCT), which explained the early warning signs of drug abuse and how to deal with them.

The early warning signs often include a mix of physical and behavioural indicators. Included are changes to personal appearance, the appearance of items in a person's care or possession and personality. Take them seriously especially when they occur altogether.

Following a tragedy, we would not want to be in the position of saying "in hindsight I thought something was wrong!"

NB: Drugs and Alcohol - not the only reason!

Modern day life is packed full of stresses and strains and there could be a multitude of reasons, apart from drugs, why someone is not acting normally. For example, their child maybe unwell or their partner may have lost work and income. Such situations could cause stress. By taking a genuine interest, and care, we may be able to help!

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