Safety Bulletins

Our Top 10 Risks

Do you have them in your sights?

Recent training in risk management has encouraged us to focus on critical risks, those likely to result in fatal or serious injury!

Fatalities and Serious Injuries (FSIs) tend to occur in four areas: (1) unusual and non-routine work, (2) where there are upset conditions, (3) where sources of high energy are present, and (4) in non-production activities e.g. driving to and from work.

Driving Incidents

We are currently receiving one driving incident every 1.5 days.

Speed monitoring, as reported in the graphic (50 kph sign) above shows some drivers are still not getting the message!

Momentary distraction and fatigue have also been identified in crash causes. Why not consider knocking vehicle drivers off 15 minutes earlier to allow some time in recovery!

You've given your all to work

Don't leave your life on the road!

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