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New D&A Survey 2016!

Viewpoints change

George Bernard Shaw, the Nobel-Prize and Oscar-winning Irish playwright said:

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything"

This is true in both our work and personal lives e.g. some of us may have been drug takers back in 2010 indeed; we may have been among those providing a positive drug test! Fair to say, much has happened during the last 5 years and perhaps we now see things quite differently. Some of us will have completely changed our minds on drugs and our lifestyles accordingly!

Significant Changes since the 2009 Survey

The Central North Island Random Testing Programme (CNIRTP) Steering Committee, which serves to inform the PF Olsen Central Safety Committee, is aware of the many changes and updates that have taken place in the drug-testing scene. It considers a new 'alcohol and other drugs Survey' would be appropriate given that:

  • Six years (and more than 5,000 individual tests) have passed since we last surveyed workers for their views on drugs, alcohol and testing practices;
  • The NZFOA Plantation Forestry Code of Practice (D&A_CoP), updated and re-released in April 2015, includes a number of significant changes notably on privacy matters!
  •  The drug scene notably in respect of the types of drugs in use (and in circulation) has changed and we need assistance to identify these and where to best focus our collective efforts.

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