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NEW. Lagged Drum Sleeves!

Get More Life Out of Wire Rope (and save lives and limbs in the process) 

Extend the life of wire rope by equipping winch drums with SpoolPro® Grooved Drums and Sleeves. SpoolPro®'s unique groove pattern allows wire rope to wind straight onto the drum (parallel to flanges) reducing wear on the rope, making it safer to use winch systems and limiting downtime. Follow SpoolPro® on Facebook for regular updates.

The 3D Industrial Engineering website shows a list of 13 custom-made to fit recent installs on commonly used haulers; some in PF Olsen operations.

According to those Contractors and the product's advertising and specifications the sleeves have the following benefits:

  • Less time and labour needed to wind the rope onto the drum.

  • Less man machine interaction, improving safety, and

  • Reduced wear on the ropes, providing up to four months extra utilization.

See SpoolPro on YouTube 

SpoolPro® At Speed - Real Time Footage 

Fitting SpoolPro® Split Sleeves

Champions Meeting Demo

On the 27th of February, Matt Field (a director at 3D Industrial Engineering) will attend the CNI Safety Champions meeting to demonstrate the SpoolPro® Grooved Drums and Sleeves.

We will also have our trialist contractors present so you can hear first-hand how the new equipment is working, saving time and keeping people safe.

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