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Machine Rollovers. What is Going On?

Safety is a guerrilla war that you will probably lose (since entropy gets us all in the end), but you can still do the best you can.

James Reason - The Human Contribution - 2008.

Proper Planning and Communication

Those words remind us that we cannot prevent all accidents, but we can prevent a substantial part if we want, and work systematically and structurally.

Already this year we have reported three machine rollovers. All three were preventable!

The machines were working on moderate to steep slopes meaning that the operators should have been operating the machine under a steep slope policy. Such a policy ensures that machine operators take adequate time to properly assess ground conditions and the terrain features they will be working on. In two of the cases the operators carried out work without proper planning and communication with the crew foreman. Completing a proper risk assessment, using the forms and process found in the PF Olsen Safe OP - Working Machinery on Slopes would most likely have prevented the rollovers!

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