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Machine Rollovers!

The importance of seatbelts, harnesses and head protection while operating machinery even in seemingly safe conditions is clearly illustrated by the incident pictured above.

Lost Time Injury 9/07/17 (INC149): A harvester excavator was travelling out of a completed block on a heavily iced metal road to meet the transporter. It slipped sideways causing the machine to move toward the road edge. The machine then slid off the road and stopped abruptly. As the tracks dug into the ground it tipped-over. The operator, who was strapped in, was thrown into the side of the cabin. He suffered a concussion, a laceration to the back of his head, two fractured vertebrate, and a fractured wrist!

Machine rollovers have been increasing and not in the places you might think. A number have occurred due to ground conditions rather than slope, with ground giving way or the machine sliding before encountering further difficulties. So operating a machine is a very big responsibility!

Secure Objects in the Cabin!

Another source of concern is unsecured objects littering the cabin. A spanner, an extinguisher even a lunchbox can be a serious cause of harm during a rollover when there is a rapid and violent movement. Take a look right now, and continue to promote good housekeeping!

While not yet a rule in the ACoP, some contractors are currently trialling the use of strap on helmets for machine operators.

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