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ICAM and 5Why. Investigation


2018 - Business Plan Objective

With the introduction of Noggin, PF Olsen has recognised the need to provide its staff with additional investigation tools and training. Noggin utilises two investigation processes, both of which are in common use.  These are the Incident Cause Analysis Model (ICAM) and 5Why, a simpler step-by-step technique used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying an incident or problem.

We have also produced a matrix to help decide when each process should be used. Our modelling indicates that we might complete one ICAM and thirty 5Whys every three months.

Additionally, we have reviewed training providers and will soon decide on one of them to provide training courses to our selected PF Olsen staff typically 1 or 2 in each of our business centres (branch offices). Following training, these staff will lead local investigations and support others as they undertake 5Why.

Noggin is an event (incident) management system that records incident and audit data and information.

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