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Felling. Pay Attention to the 7 Harms urges WorkSa

Reporting on a 2017 forestry death WorkSafe NZ comments as follows: the wider area of (the victim's) felling did not show poor technique and the drive tree was felled with correct technique. Notwithstanding the immediate area showed poor felling techniques for four trees and small cuts, thick hinge material left in place and minimal to no back cut. It further added: The escape route was blocked by a previously felled tree.

Important - Identify the 7 Harms!

[1] Working too close ACoP 11.4.3-4  

[2] Incorrect felling technique ACoP 11.5

[3] Broken limbs or tops during felling 

[4] Hung-up/cut-up trees ACoP 11.6

[5] Stem movement or rebound 

[6] Felling dead trees or spars

[7] Feller struck from behind (object or a tree).

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