Safety Bulletins

Extension Pins and Log Load Securing Requirements

The ACOP at 16.5.1 states:

  • No part of the outside logs of the load shall be loaded above the top of the stanchions or the stanchion extensions.
  • Logs loaded in the middle of the load shall not have more than 1/3 of the diameter of the log above the adjacent logs.
  • The top of the load shall be rounded so that the load-securing device will contact as many logs as possible – see log loading graphic.

In reference to unloading the ACOP at 16.7.1 states that … “stanchion pins and extensions shall not be removed/lowered until the load has been lowered to a point where no part of any log is above the height of the top of the stanchion.â€

NOGGIN INC2682 10/08/20 – Medical Treatment Injury.

Description – while unchaining the load a driver released the tension on the chains before proceeding to the passenger side of the trailer to hang them up. CCTV footage shows the driver stowing the chain at bolster 4 before moving forward to bolster 3 when the top-log (as pictured) rolled off the bunk. It struck the driver on the shoulder and side of the head, causing minor cuts and heavy bruising.


NOTE: The image is taken as the truck arrives at the Port, as captured by security camera. The extension pin is visible on bolster 4 but not visible on bolster 3, however it was not lowered by the driver.  The log that fell is the top-most log pictured in the image. As situated, it is sitting on top of the ‘outside log’ – please compare with the log loading graphic.

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