Safety Bulletins

Everyday Activities. Injuries!

Background - LTI, Noggin INC1515 13/11/2018

A worker was installing a fence post footing using an 800 mm long steel standard and a post hole rammer to hit it in. His foot was positioned next to the top of the standard. The rammer slipped off the standard and struck the worker on the foot above the steel toe cap.

This was a relatively minor incident that most likely didn't require time off work. However, the worker concerned visited A&E that evening and was given three days off.

Background - MTI, Noggin INC1497 06/11/2018

A trainee skidworker started the crew chainsaw out of his supervisor's immediate view. He didn't notice that the chain had loosened from when the saw was jammed earlier. Starting it, and holding it with one hand, he walked from the safe zone toward the work area on the skid. With the chainsaw bar pointing towards the back of his legs, the chain, which was spinning at the time, cut the back of his leg.

The BPG Manual Processing and Logmaking p. 31 states that a chainsaw should be carried in both hands so that it can be thrown clear if you slip. Additionally, the chainbrake should be activated when walking any distance.

Best Efforts are no Substitute for Best Practice 
W. Edwards Deming (the father of quality management) also said: We are being ruined by the best efforts of people who are doing the wrong thing. Here Deming acknowledged how the good and industrious work of people could be undermined by following poor practice.

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