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Driving. Still A Critical Risk!

According to the Q4, 2017 IRIS data summary, travel and log cartage incidents are the predominant category in near hit reporting. There were 34 travel events associated with poor communication, signage and environmental conditions and 38 log cartage events, mostly involving driving conditions, road maintenance and log slippage. Sobering details and these incidents remind us of the potential for road accidents to turn catastrophic with multiple serious harm or fatalities. While that outcome is rare, driving remains a most serious risk, as the lost time injuries data confirm!

What about our PF Olsen Operations?

Q1, 2018 has not been driving incident free! In late January two crew vehicles were heading in opposite directions on a forest road and they collided on a corner. Ironically, this event occurred on a one-way system after a crew member realised he had forgotten to open a gate to let the trucks in. In a race to fix this problem an upset condition became a fertile ground for a serious crash and harm!

Head on accidents due to speed on winding roads is certainly part of the problem, however, we are also seeing drivers falling asleep. In another incident, while traveling through a major town, a driver fell asleep and crashed into and hospitalised a cyclist! It appears that all the passengers were asleep at the time of the accident “begging the question“ are we managing the needs of those we appoint as our crew drivers?

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