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Complacency and Distraction!

Safe Loading of Logs Embedded?

Well, think again

A few years ago, PF Olsen, in conjunction with our many excellent trucking companies, set about designing and implementing the Safe Loading of Logs programme. This highly effective educational initiative almost zeroed loading incidents overnight. This needed to happen given the very high number of near-hit reports and serious harm injuries lest we forget the log loading fatality!

In recent times, we have seen a small resurgence in reporting and one very serious log loading incident that very nearly proved fatal.  This has been despite the drivers concerned undertaking re-inductions under the programme noted above! While the issues seem to rest with the individuals concerned; everyone should be concerned about complacency!

NOGGIN INC98709/05/2018 - LTI:

Description - A loader operator and truck driver agreed on the safe position and the driver hopped back into his truck cab.  As the truck packet was almost fully loaded, the driver exited the cab to check the scales without notifying the loader operator.  The loader operator continued to load, and a log came off the truck and struck the driver across the back before pinning him on the ground.

Injuries - 6 fractured ribs and bruising.

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