Safety Bulletins

Access/Egress - 3 Points of Contact

With wet, frosty, slippery conditions just around the corner

FIPS 7663 03/02/2016: An operator was hastily egressing from a skidder without using 3-points of contact, he fell and landed awkwardly. He put his hand out to break the fall and fractured his thumb.

There have been numerous incidents like this one many involving older members of our workforce who suddenly realise they are not as young as they used to be! Please take care when accessing or egressing a machine or working from a ladder.

Follow up on Corrective Action Reports!

At times failures occur in our processes, equipment and practices. Mostly these are noticed during audits, inspections and safe behaviour observations and we have the opportunity to make a correction. Our procedures require that we write up a Corrective Action Report (CAR), which will always provide a due date by which time the matter should be corrected. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Request that those who have been given a CAR be proactive in their own follow up.

  • Ask for interim (progress) reports; offer help and suggestions.

  • Make a diary note for the due date and visit to check for compliance. If unable to physically check, phone and ask that compliance be confirmed to you in writing.

  • Test (during the next audit) that the measures taken to solve the action are robust.

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