Safety Bulletins

Access / Egress incidents increasing!

FIPS 7138 24/06/2015 LTI - the loader operator dismounted and lost his footing followed by his hand grip. He fell backwards to the ground fracturing his thumb.

FIPS 7173 06/07/2015 MTI - a mechanical land preparation operator slipped on the step as he was climbing into his excavator, striking the edge of the track with his right knee.

Access and egress incidents have increased! In some part this is due to the wet conditions, however there are other important factors. The BPG Mobile Plant from page 19 provides a useful checklist to ensure that we are all taking reasonably practicable steps to review these factors and provide a safe work environment.

Climbing into or out of a cab - follow the checklist!

  • Maintain 3 points of contact while climbing.
  • Face the machine when climbing or dismounting.
  • Monitor the state of the ladder (e.g., ice, mud, water, oil) and clean if necessary.
  • Do not jump from a machine.
  • Do not use either the steering wheel or any control lever.
  • Do not climb off a moving machine.
  • Align the cab with the undercarriage centreline as appropriate.

A review of our newest machines shows a high degree of manufacturer innovation around footholds, handgrips and ladder devices. However, some older machines are deficient in this respect! Apart from keeping older machines clean, please consider how to improve machine access, perhaps by retrofitting some of these latest innovations.

View this article in Health and Safety Bulletin 93.