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The opportunity to lead

As we look forward to 2017, I feel positive about the NZ forestry sector and the role it will play in a prosperous NZ economy and society in the years ahead.

This includes our ability to meet carbon (greenhouse gas) commitments and to preserve New Zealand's green image, which are also both essential to tourism and food production.

During 2016 our industry has enjoyed many productivity and safety gains! These gains make forestry an attractive proposition to new entrants whether school leavers or those looking for business opportunities.

This situation has not arisen by chance we have collectively realised and seized the opportunity to get better. Actually, getting better is what society is demanding of us and we must continue to get better. How?

  • Work on your business rather than in your business - This is our 2017 catch phrase. If you are a leader in our industry, take the time to observe how employees complete their work and offer constructive feedback.
  • Focus on critical risk - think about the things that will most likely cause harm or damage and spend most of your time managing these.

  • Acknowledge good behaviour and outcomes - most of the time things go right. Reinforcing the positives invariably increases those behaviours.

Let us make 2017 our best year ever!

Peter Clark

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