FSC Management plans

Forestry operations are conducted within a framework determined by the Forest Management Plan.

The key issues influencing management decisions are illustrated in the table of contents within each plan.

The following table summarises the forests managed under the PF Olsen Group Scheme Certification (NC-FM/COC-000190) and provides access to their Forest Management Plans.

Register & Forest Management Plans for Group Scheme Certified Forests - April 2024 - NC-FM/COC-000190

FMU Management Unit FMU Total Forest Area ha Forest  Name Total Forest Area ha Regional Council Forest Management Plan
PF Olsen Standard FSC Forest Management Plan ** FMP Standard - View
Northland 11951 Landcorp 1107 Kapiro 601 Northland Pamu Northland FMP 
Landcorp 1119 Puketotara 318 Northland
Landcorp 1141 Mangatoa 1026 Northland
Landcorp 1117 Omamari 808 Northland
Landcorp 1127 Takakuri 1167 Northland
Landcorp 1132 Titoki 423 Northland
Totara Forestry Services Ltd Titirangi 653 Northland Craigmore Totara FMP
Kauri Forestry LP Caves 586 Northland Craigmore Kauri FMP
Kauri Forestry LP Manganui 1073 Northland
Kauri Forestry LP Mangarata 891 Northland
Kauri Forestry LP Ngatieke 648 Northland
Kauri Forestry LP Opare 1521 Northland
Kauri Forestry LP Piroa 235 Northland
Kauri Forestry LP Wairere North 448 Northland
Kauri Forestry LP Wairere South 295 Northland
Kauri Forestry LP Wheki 651 Northland
CNI 10963 Landcorp 1223 Mangamingi 1458 Waikato Mangamingi FMP 
Landcorp 1229 Meringa 251 Manawatu/Whanganui Meringa FMP 
Landcorp 1220 Rangitaiki 1062 Bay of Plenty Rangitaiki FMP 
Oji Fibre Solutions Atiamuri* 680 Waikato Oji Fibre FMP
Oji Fibre Solutions Bookers* 165 Bay of Plenty
Oji Fibre Solutions Davies* 120 Bay of Plenty
Oji Fibre Solutions Duncan* 221 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Granite* 21 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Kinleith* 1337 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Maraeroa C* 77 Manawatu/Whanganui
Oji Fibre Solutions Maraetai* 336 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Murphy* 80 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Ngaruawahia* 981 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Pickford* 72 Bay of Plenty
Oji Fibre Solutions Pinedale* 243 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Price* 39 Bay of Plenty
Oji Fibre Solutions Rust* 269 Bay of Plenty
Oji Fibre Solutions Seal* 36 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Seven Oakes* 578 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Stoneleigh* 169 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Tar Hill* 300 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Taranui Baboon* 21 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Tatua* 135 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Te Ranga* 415 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Tokoroa East North* 325 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Waihora* 279 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Waipapa 9* 300 Waikato
Oji Fibre Solutions Whakamaru* 367 Waikato
TGH Natural Resources Ltd 552 Waikato Kawaroa FMP
W & S Garland and Tintagel Trust 23 Waikato Garland FMP
Whangaparaoa 3B Trust 51 Gisborne Wharekahika FMP
Gisborne 5968 Landcorp Farming Ltd 1292 Tutamoe 692 Gisborne Tutamoe Station FMP 
Ponga Silva Ltd Mangaiti* 593 Gisborne Ponga Silva Gisborne Forests FMP
Ponga Silva Ltd Mangatarata* 1516 Gisborne
Ponga Silva Ltd Mata* 254 Gisborne
Ponga Silva Ltd Onetohunga* 590 Gisborne
Ponga Silva Ltd Te Rawhiti* 313 Gisborne
Te Rata LP Te Rata* 2010 Gisborne Te Rata FMP
SNI 168 ROBMIJON Holdings Ltd Mangapakeha 168 Wellington Mangapakeha FMP
Nelson 6239 Nelson City Council Brook 456 Nelson Nelson Forests FMP
Nelson City Council Maitai 447 Nelson
Nelson City Council Marsden Valley 715 Nelson
Nelson City Council Roding 341 Nelson
Tasman District Council Borlase 971 Tasman Tasman Forests FMP
Tasman District Council Howard River 1074 Tasman
Tasman District Council Kingsland 184 Tasman
Tasman District Council Rabbit Island 1141 Tasman
Tasman District Council Sherry River 792 Tasman
Tasman District Council Tunnicliff 118 Tasman
Marlborough 67 RJ Grigg Tempello 67 Marlborough Tempello FMP
Otago/Southland 5399 Landcorp Farming Ltd 1403 Hindon 92 Otago Pamu Otago FMP
Landcorp Farming Ltd 1411 Waipori 2422 Otago
Landcorp Farming Ltd 1417 Thornicroft 219 Otago
Landcorp Farming Ltd 1432 Dawson Downs 40 Otago
Landcorp Farming Ltd 1450 Waitepeka 91 Otago
Ponga Silva Ltd Castle Downs* 56 Southland Ponga Silva Southland Forests FMP
Ponga Silva Ltd Hokonui* 209 Southland
Ponga Silva Ltd Monovae* 165 Southland
Ponga Silva Ltd Pinnacle Pines* 362 Southland
Ponga Silva Ltd Rugged Hills* 579 Southland
Ponga Silva Ltd Waitane* 569 Southland
Wightman Forestries Ltd Juno 170 Otago Wightman Forestries FMP
Wightman Forestries Ltd Rose Valley 183 Otago
Wightman Forestries Ltd Waipori 242 Otago
Independent 1 244 Summerhill Timbers Ltd Summerhill 244 Bay of Plenty Summerhill FMP
Independent 2 20 Torlesse Pine Company Ltd Waiohotu 20 Waikato Waiohutu FMP

* The Forest Management Plan (FMP) is in two parts - Part 1 is forest specific and Part 2 is the PF Olsen Standard FSC FMP.  
** The PF Olsen Standard FSC
 FMP provides a summary of the typical management of the PF Olsen FSC Group Scheme forests.  It is to be used in conjunction with the specific FMP.  The specific FMP takes precedence if there is is any conflict between the two plans. 
For further information please contact PF Olsen