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PF Olsen and Farmlands announce partnership

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PF Olsen is proud to announce that we are now a Farmlands Card Partner. The partnership will mean that all Farmlands Shareholders can now receive exclusive rebates when purchasing selected services from PF Olsen.

“We are making the purchase of forestry services convenient to all Farmlands shareholders, especially farmers. The ETS and rising price of carbon has changed the game in terms of land use. Farmers can now achieve higher returns from forestry on less productive parts of their farm, as well as get a return at harvest.” - Chris Perry, Business Development manager at PF Olsen.

PF Olsen is one of New Zealand’s largest forestry services providers, with 12 offices located throughout New Zealand. With a team of over 60 forest and harvest managers, PF Olsen is encouraging landowners to be bold in their thinking when considering forestry.

There is as a great opportunity to blend forestry and farming in New Zealand’s landscape.

“We can do a proper feasibility assessment to show the returns the landowner would get by growing trees on the least productive parts of their farm. This way landowners can make some informed decisions about what is best for the future of their property and business.” - David Crawley, Consulting Manager at PF Olsen.

Farmlands was formed by farmers for farmers and is the biggest co-operative of its type in New Zealand. They are rigorous in selecting their partner services and share similar expertise to our people in the field. They understand the importance of sustainable farming and farm profitability and resilience.

For farmers, forestry can add carbon and timber returns on top of the environmental benefits like stock shelter, improved water quality, biodiversity and soil and erosion protection. Forestry can also help with family succession planning, providing valuable assets and income that can be easily separated from the land value.

PF Olsen welcomes anyone interested in talking about forestry. Contact PF Olsen on info@pfolsen.com or 0508 PF OLSEN, and Farmlands on ask@farmlands.co.nz or 0800 200 600.

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