FSC consultation

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Forest Stewardship Council® Forest Management Plan


Wightman Forestries Ltd is seeking environmental certification of their forests under the Forest Stewardship Council programme. Wightman Forestries Ltd owns 419 hectares of forest in the Otago region, collectively known as the Wightman forests:

1. Juno (118 hectares)
2. Rose Valley (92 hectares)
3. Waipori (210 hectares)


We are inviting interested parties to review the proposed forest management plan below. As part of our consultation, we are asking you to review the Forest Specific Plan only.  View the summary of instructions here.

You can then send us any comments or ideas that can contribute positively to the management of the forests by emailing us at certification@pfolsen.com. Consultation runs until 18 November 2022.

Forest Management Plan - Wightman Forests, Otago