Competitive Group Insurance Scheme for forest owners

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PF Olsen Group Insurance Scheme

The PF Olsen Group Insurance Scheme is designed to assist small to medium sized forest owners to get the same economies of scale as large forest owners and make costeffective insurance within their reach.

  • Are you covered for forest losses related to fire or wind damage?
  • Are you covered for liability claims as a result of fire or debris spreading to a neighbour’s property?
  • Could you afford to clear land and replant after a fire or wind event damages your standing timber?
  • Are you paying too much in insurance premiums?

Let’s talk about getting your forest insured

Features of the PF Olsen Group Scheme:

  • Competitive premiums and PF Olsen discounts: PF Olsen gets the best results by using the group’s size to our advantage.
  • Professional insurance advice from our broker, Lockton: We work with an insurance broker called Lockton Companies NZ Limited Partnership (‘Lockton’) to get quotes for our insurance plan.
  • Wind damage covered up to $1,000,000 for trees
    over 6 years old:
     Regional Limits apply. We also have flexible extensions including claims preparation costs, removal of debris and re-establishment.
  • Public and Statutory liability policy options: To protect you from liability claims relating to your forestry business, such as third-party property damage or fines and penalties arising from breach of statute or regulation (where insurable).
  • Better rates, professional support and assistance from Lockton in the event of a claim: Because of the substantial scale of the package, the high quality and consistency of the forest descriptions, the wide geographic dispersion of the forests, and the competitive bidding environment, we can get better insurance rates and more complete coverage.


With the increased frequency of extreme weather events, isn't it about time you insured your forest against catastrophic loss?


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