Case Studies

In 1992 Auckland couple Penelope and Alan Woods purchased 15.6 hectares of land wedged between a state highway and a District Council road and planted it in radiata pine, achieving a net stock area of 12.4 hectares.

In January 2017 PF Olsen was contracted to manage the harvesting of the block.

The harvesting operation had several challenges: 6 of the 12.4 stocked hectares was within two tree lengths of the roads, thereby triggering the requirement for road control and specialist tree felling; and a tethered machine was required to log approximately one hectare growing on a 30-degree slope above the District Council road.

Following is what Alan and Penelope said about the harvest managed by PF Olsen Ltd.

"We felt very comfortable with the professionalism [of PF Olsen] so signed a contract for PF Olsen to oversee the whole operation. They started on time, did everything promised and we found them very transparent in all communications keeping us well informed at all times.

"We had heard some horror stories about getting paid but had no worries at all with PF Olsen."

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