Case Studies

PF Olsen managed all the harvesting operations of Taheke 8C land leased to OTPP NZ for the five years of harvesting between 2010 and 2015.

When Sandra Eru, General Manager Taheke 8C, was asked if she could provide a testimonial for PF Olsen's services, she gladly agreed.

Sandra noted that Taheke 8C was particularly impressed with PF Olsen's responsiveness and harvesting around native areas and the Okere river.

"PF Olsen managers were very responsive to landowner's requests and requirements. Issues were attended to promptly", said Sandra.

"We also wish to advise that PF Olsen harvest managers ensured that great care was taken in the harvesting around the native areas and the Okere river."

"The re-establishment operations have been very successful and PF Olsen have been helpful and assisted with Taheke 8C's goals of reverting some land area back to native including planting a block of manuka."

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