Case Studies

It has been a pleasure providing harvesting and marketing management services for Nick Seymour of Wensleydale.

A former President of the NZ Farm Forestry Association, Nick knew enough about forestry to make sure he grew good trees and knew enough to know when to call in the for specialised, professional assistance for harvesting and marketing.

"I have known their [PF Olsen] staff for many years and being a farm forester have benefitted from their advice, information, leaflets and manager Nick Bunting is always very helpful", says Nick Seymour.

"They completed the harvest in 21 days producing 620 tonnes p/Ha. Safety was highly visible with good signage, safety tape when felling close to our road, hi-vis clothing and only 1 man on the ground on the skid site with his spray can marking the logs.

"The results were impressive due to a number of reasons, the trees were of good quality, the harvesting was the best, and PF Olsen most efficient at getting the best results for the forest owner. I have always recommended PF Olsen to anyone asking for advice on farm forestry woodlot harvests as they are local, reliable, experienced and have good management systems in place. They are also a pleasure to work with."