Case Studies

PF Olsen has managed the New Zealand Transport Agency's 293 hectares forests for well over a decade.

This has involved preparing a detailed inventory of all the various forests around New Zealand and understanding their commercial potential, strategic value for the client and any hazards or issues that need to be managed.

One of the larger projects was harvesting at Pungapunga (King Country). Highlights of this project were sonic testing of structural logs to maximise stumpage and using rail to transport logs to the Port of Tauranga for export.

A harvest project just north of Gisborne was on very sensitive soils (earthflow) above a key section of state highway where the harvest engineering and harvesting configuration had to minimise soil disturbance and shed water away from sensitive areas. NZTA has appreciated a one-stop-shop for its forestry advice and management. It also means that when a job needs to done, PF Olsen can mobilise and the client has the peace of mind that his principal's duties are being discharged to the highest level possible.