Case Studies

Logging at Ligar Bay Draws Praise from Visit by Retired Professional Group (U3A).

This mature block of Radiata pine forest is nestled on the western flanks of Golden Bay in the Tasman District.

The erosion-prone Separation Point granite soils, hilly terrain and high water quality and recreation values of the Golden Bay area created a particularly challenging harvesting project.

Procuring LiDAR imagery of the block enabled PF Olsen to create a detailed Harvest Plan which prescribed extraction of trees via the innovative Falcon Claw motorised carriage suspended by a skyline cable hauler system.

Long stems are extracted to a central processing yard (in a nearby quarry) for a cost-effective harvesting solution with minimal adverse environmental impact.

What others had to say about the Ligar Bay field trip, here were two companies willing to talk very openly about a very tricky problem & they all seemed very happy to tell us about how it was approached, some of the things that have not gone to plan & the successes they have had.

I was very interested seeing their investments in up to date technology & getting some idea of how it affects their costs. I do realise that we were very lucky to have had this visit, due to your good contacts. It was indeed a special day and experience, and the PF Olsen guys were all you could wish for.

An amazing U3A adventure; I was really pleased to be able to be part of such a rare opportunity. Thanks so much for organising it Piers.
- Penny

We've had some mighty trips around the Bay and this last one was certainly one of the best. Many thanks to you for organising the trip and the weather - both hard to beat, and what a decent bunch the forestry guys were.
- Jim

Other highlights this project were thorough consultation with the Tasman District Council, neighbours and other stakeholders. Safety was also enhanced by the Falcon Claw's ability to grab logs on the hillside without the need for workers to attach cables to logs (as is done in more conventional "breaking-out" operations) and the use of mechanical processing via a Warratah processing head.

Fibregen's Hitman sonic testing tool is being used to maximise recovery of higher value logs for Nelson Pine's LVL plant. Most importantly, the forest owner, Don Sutton, was also impressed with the job.

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